Facial Procedures


Nowhere more obvious is the visible effect of aging than on our face. As we get older, our bodies naturally produce less and less collagen, causing our skin to lose elasticity and wrinkle, and facial muscles to slacken and droop. While genetics do have a role in how quickly this happens and how quickly our face begins to age, external elements such as sun exposure, smoking, dieting, and air pollution can speed up the process.

Our faces often betray our age much sooner than our bodies or minds, and it can be upsetting and frustrating to look older than you feel.

With the modern world placing increased emphasis on esthetic appearance, it is little wonder that many people are opting for a surgical solution to their aging face. A facelift can transform your face and give you the younger, more vibrant appearance that fits with how you feel inside.


The skin around our eyes is one of the biggest indicators of aging. This is because as we age, our eyelids stretch and the muscles supporting them weaken. This can cause the skin across the entire eye area to droop, sag and gather and even create bags under our eyes. In some extreme cases, the skin on and above the eyelids can droop so much that it can impair the peripheral vision of the patient. Blepharoplastyotherwise known as eyelid surgerycan provide the solution to these problems and give your eyes a more youthful appearance.


Also referred to as a ‘nose job’, rhinoplasty is one of the most commonly requested cosmetic surgical procedures in the U.S. During rhinoplasty, a number of different elements of the nose many be changed, including:

- making it smaller (nose reduction), by removing some of the cartilage and bone.

- making it bigger (nose augmentation), by taking cartilage from the ears and bone from the hips or elbow to build the nose up.

- changing the shape of the nose by breaking the bone and rearranging the cartilage.

- changing the angle between the nose and lip.


The Brow lift smoothes lines between the eyebrows or on the forehead and creates a youthful arched shape to the eyebrows. A brow lift is best suited for those people whose eyebrows have changed positions or are drooping. Depending on where they are drooping, and the appearance of the forehead, there are several procedures for brow lifts. The most common area for droopiness is toward the outside of the eye. This sagging creates heaviness of the upper lid causing it to hang over the eyelashes. If the brow is pulled up and arched over the side of the eye, it can immediately improve your image. The trick to this procedure is to regulate the amount of lift. If the brow is lifted too much, a startled or “deer in the headlights” look is created.


This procedure is commonly performed on children who were born with ears that protrude from their scalp. In addition to protruding, they are often missing some of the contours that constitute the shape of a normal ear. An Otoplasty is a procedure in which the ears are reshaped and pulled closer to the scalp. This procedure is not limited to children. Many adults, who, for whatever reason did not have surgery as a child, seek intervention later in life. These adults may have been ridiculed all through school and throughout their adolescent life.